Taxology was founded with the idea of making tax processes simpler with the use of emerging technologies (RPA, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, etc) which are already disrupting other business functions.

Taxology is working with tech-savvy tax consultants on a day-to-day basis for identifying your business problems ,and then developing customised,affordable and user-friendly solution for tax functions of your business.

We have one goal make your tax function, and life as a tax professional, easy

Company History

Taxology’s team has been associated with tax related solutions since before the roll-out of GST. Our team has developed solutions like GST-Impact, GSTwithPwC (mobile app), E-Way Bill Solution (solution being used by Top MNCs in India and generating more than 300K EWB per month), GST-Return Filing, Utilities, etc.

During the course of this journey we have watched tax professionals spend countless hours in crunching, data validation,reconciliation, forecasting, and more.To this date,tax function is still relying on spreadsheets,giant old-school,outdated ERP softwares.Digital transmission of tax function is the need of the hour.

Key Differentiator?


lasting customer delight, once client always client

Problem solving

we imagine, research, design, develop and support, we think enterprise

Intellectual property

we have built overtime and continuously building


we collaborate with domain experts, technology consultants, UX designers, hardware suppliers

Our Partners

Many people think they can go about this Internet world alone and keep all of the profits for themselves. Although a few people have gone this route and have been successful, but we believe in forming alliance work as a team.

Tax Consultants — We are working with tech-savy tax consultants on day-to-day basis in identifying the business problem and best possible technical solution.

Data Analyst — We are working with Data Scientist and Machine Learning experts to implement some of the well proven algorithm in tax domain.